St Peter's, Dunchurch

'Worshipping God, sharing the love of Jesus and serving our community'


Changes to services during the coronavirus pandemic

Online services

We currently provide online church services for you to join in with at home. We are also sharing more content via our Facebook page. If you would like to join a prayer meeting via a group phone or video call, please email us so that we can send you further details.

    You might like to join a church What'sApp group so that we can share daily readings, prayer requests, encouragements and testimonies, please email us with your mobile number if you are interested in doing this.

    Activities you can do from home 

    Pray for five friends
    We encourage you to pray for 5 people and their wellbeing during this time. Ideas of how you could do this include: 

    - using prayer bands (tie 5 knots) 
    - use the TKC mug 5 times a day 
    - write the names of 5 people on your bathroom mirror so you remember them when brushing your teeth.
    - additional ideas can be found here.
    Online Bible study group
    If you are interested in joining an online Bible study group, please let us know so that we can send you further information. 
    Prayer chain
    We would like to hold a 'prayer moment' where we all commit to pray at a certain time of the day using the Lord’s Prayer. Click here for a Bible study on the Lord’s Prayer.

    As a family
    Journey through the 11 days of praying using a number of these family-friendly resources:

    - the Family Prayer Adventure map and app 
    - listen to the daily podcasts 
    - listen to the journal for deeper exploration
    - pray together as a family, at meals times and before bed.
    - read the bible together, the Jesus Story book bible is excellent! 

    Prayer space
    Consider setting up a prayer space in your home. For example, you could have a light station where you light a candle and commit to lighting up the world in prayer so that others would come to know and experience the Hope of Jesus. Click here for a range of ideas that you could adapt for your home.
    Pick up the phone
    During the coming weeks and months, keep an eye out for those in our congregation who don’t use social media as a means of communication. Who can you call to see how they are? This particularly applies to the isolated, elderly and vulnerable people.

Rugby Foodbank 

At this time Rugby Foodbank urgently needs extra donations to support those in need. Find out how you can help. 

St Peter's - an eco church

We are delighted to announce that the diocese is now a Bronze Eco Diocese. Bishop Christopher announced that the diocese of Coventry has been awarded the Bronze Eco Diocese Award by A Roche UK. Coventry is only the 6th diocese in England and Wales to receive this award. Well done! 

St Peter's Church is on its way to becoming a more eco-friendly church and we're working towards our eco church bronze award through UK A Rocha, a Christian charity ‘caring for God’s earth. For more information, please have a word with Chris Sarson or Jackie Hesketh. 

Saturday Gardening

Anyone willing to help with the weeding, trimming, strimming, mowing etc. is very welcome. Coffee and doughnuts mid-morning. Come and join us.

Promoting a Safer Church

Please note that this policy: 'Promoting a Safer Church' is displayed on the church noticeboard.

Junior church - if you would like to join the Junior church team (volunteers don't need to lead the children's sessions but can simply support our leaders, if they wish) get in touch with the children's team. 

Bell ringers - our bell ringers ring for Sunday services and practice on a Wednesday evening. If you are interested in having a go, please contact Mike Bennett, the Tower Captain on: 01788 814304.

Church Library - St Peter's Church now has a small library of books to browse and borrow. Details of the borrowing system are on the blue index box on the bookshelf.

Church rotas - we really need help with new faces to go on the rotas for coffee, sides-persons and cleaning. The more people we have, the less often it comes your turn. If you would be willing to help and allow us to continue these important services at St Peter's, please get in touch via the contact page.

Looking back at our Ride & Stride

A few photos from the Ride & Stride event on Saturday 8 September 2018. Five of our congregation rode 20 miles and visited 7 churches to raise money for the Historic Churches Trust & St Peter's Church.