St Peter's, Dunchurch

'Worshipping God, sharing the love of Jesus and serving our community'

Our lent course begins on Thursday 5 March from 7.30pm at St Peter's Church and the theme is: Superstar.

"It's 1970 - Edward Heath becomes PM, Apollo 13 limps back to Earth and Jesus Christ Superstar takes the West End by storm, asking daring questions that gave colour to my former monochrome faith and fired my vocation. Half a century on, its message remains just as relevant, and we explore themes from its iconic lyrics in the five sessions of this course."

Please check the church calendar for all events and services. 

Personal Lifestyle pledges 

Based on the Diocese of Truro, we will be sharing 10 Pledges during 2020.

Pledge 1: I pledge to buy local seasonal produce as much as possible - starting with at least 2 meals per week.