Restoration Project Restoration Project Festival banner 194199870 Mayor of Rugby opens the festival 194199868 Appeal banner 197210610 Folk group concert 194199865 View of festival stalls from balcony 194199861 History corner 194199863 Visitors to the festival 194199864 Malcolm discusses project with architect Revd Malcolm Garratt discusses the Restoration project with architect, Stephen Oliver 194199871 Waiting for the teddy bear drop 194199872 Display on the font 194224102 MP sends teddy with parachute 194199873 Donation from Dunchurch Festival Group 197210611 Eroded surround to West Door 197760333 Erosion and loss of historical detail 197760328 Problems with previous attempts to repair 197760330 Battered gargoyle 197760332 WREN notice on West Door Acknowledgement of financial support from WREN 197681789 Erosion on buttress 197760429 Scaffolding being erected on Tower 4th April 2015 197681790 Scaffolding on Tower 4th April 2015 197681791 Stonemasons talk at school visit Darren talks to year 7 of the Harris School, July 2015 199124591 Tower after restoration 200035557 Celebration service Churchwardens Bob Fricker and Chris Sarson Splitlath Building Conservation - Darron Price and Richard Nash 200035558