Church life Church life Festival Banner launch April 2014 The Mayor of Rugby attends as parishioners of St Peter's display the Restoration Appeal Festival banner 191305009 African Children's Choir May 2017 204092495 African Children's Choir May 2017 204092496 Pentecost 2017 The flames of the spirit 204124080 Holiday at Home outing to Stratford 2017 Chris Sarson, Pat Townshend and Myrtle John 204232731 Visitation service 31 May 2012 Bob Fricker and Chris Sarson (new churchwardens) shake hands with Archdeacon Morris Rodham 158510013 Joint Churchwardens Chris Sarson and Bob Fricker after formal service of Visitation in May 2012 158510014 Confirmation candidates March 2014 Sam, Hannah, Ann -Marie and Kate. Confirmed by Bishop John of Warwick at St Peter's on 2 March 2014 189798015 Family BBQ Sept 2012 166569452 Christmas card design 2013 St Peter's altar painting 185414294 Christmas card design 2013 St Peter's in the snow 185414295 WI members survey the churchyard 189942153 Churchyard survey team (WI) 189942154 Summer Social August 2012 Quizmaster John Grindal 166600926 Summer Social August 2012 Patriotic themes at Thurlaston Village Hall 166600927 St Peter's Church, Dunchurch New gates installed 2009 105212595 Mothers' Union Spring Lunch 2013 179528827 St Peter's bellringers Displaying the Newbold Cup for winning the Deanery Striking Competition held on 15th June 2012 159027039 Harris School puppets We were entertained by the talented youngsters from Harris School on 3 July 2011. 130653566 Gardeners and cleaners' social Anyone for more chips? November 2012 170940916 Advent Quiet Reflection Dec 2012 Can't get any more round that radiator! 170940918 Christmas tree 2010 Willing hands finally get the tree upright. Bob Fricker perches precariously! 109736053 The Big Clean Nov 2012 170940920 Ringing chamber during construction During construction 120123253 New ringing chamber Ringing chamber after completion. 120123252 Christmas Social December 2015 At Toft House 200648201 Christmas social 2015 Valerie Harper, Bob Fricker and Clive Harper 200648203 Christmas Social 2015 200648202 Formal dedication Gordon Collett (churchwarden). Rev Malcolm Garratt, Mike Bennett (Tower captain), Bishop of Coventry - Dr Christopher Cocksworth and the Bishop's Chaplain. 13 March 2011. 120123250 View from the ringing chamber View of the interior of St Peter's from the ringing chamber. 13 March 2011 120123248 Bishop Christopher Bishop Christopher signs the visitor book after the dedication of the ringing chamber on 13 March 2011 120123249 Harvest lunch 6.10.13 Bring and share lunch 185414291 Harvest Lunch Oct 2013 187436074 Festival Group donation ceremony 2017 Cheque received for help with Junior Church 204698625 Harvest Lunch Oct 2013 187436075 Harris School visit July 2015 Chris Sarson talks about the history of the church 199124592 Ringing chamber activity Dec 2015 200457058